Karin Joschko Zahnärztin

Joschko My CV

I studied dentistry at the Freie Universität Berlin from 1982 to 1988. After graduating, I was employed for four years as an assistant dentist in a group practice in West Berlin. In 1989 my husband Dieter Joschko and I founded the dental practice in the Torfstraße 16 in the Berlin district of Wedding, where we worked together from 1993 onwards. After the death of my husband in 2013, I continued to run the practice on my own.

I now have more than 30 years experience in this profession, mainly in the areas of dental treatment for children, young people and adults. This includes prevention and prophylaxis, together with preservative filling therapy and dental prosthetics and implantology, endodontology and periodontology. My personal focal points in my further training are conducting discussions, hypnosis and psychology, in order to make dental treatment as anxiety and pain-free as possible for patients.


  • German / Немецкий / Deutsch