concept Practice philosophy

"We welcome everyone!"

Everyone? Yes, everyone! Children, young people or adults, phobic patients or patients highly sensitive to pain – we welcome and treat every person here at ZANH without value judgements and with the same sincere, warm welcome. As a friendly and cosmopolitan neighbourhood practice for everyone, we offer a pleasant, anxiety-free atmosphere with plenty of peace and quiet and plenty of time.

"Prevention is better than cure."

The concept of treatment at ZANH is distinguished by preventive dentistry and natural aesthetics. All treatments are carried out with modern technology, a high degree of expertise and plenty of sensitivity. In all cases we try as far as possible to conserve your own teeth. If this should not be possible, we will provide you with our high-quality, precisely fitted tooth replacements

"Aesthetics are not everything – but they are important."

Along with functionality, a natural aesthetic is for us an essential part of treatment, which particularly in dentistry requires precision and skill in the craft. Aesthetics and health are here closely related. Because even professional tooth cleaning is responsible not just for healthy, but also for good-looking teeth, and is in the end intended to contribute to the health of the whole human being.

"In the hands of experts."

When we carry out treatments, this is always done in close consultation with our patients. In practice, this means that: Every important step is comprehensively discussed with you in advance. Our dentists work together with a committed practice team to carry out all dental treatments with precision and expertise. For services that we don't offer within the practice, we have our personal network of specialists available, to whom we can refer you in such cases.

"Our concept? We are starting right now!"

Your long-term dental health starts at this very moment. Because you can book an uncomplicated initial appointment directly online to get to know us. Simply fill out our appointment form for new patients. Our practice team stands for tolerance, good communication and comprehensive explanation. For you, that means: We get to know one another face to face in a relaxed atmosphere and find out how we can help you.